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No doubt - 2020 had all of us questioning our motivation. So how did I keep going even when my motivation was low?

Prepping for a bodybuilding competition is hard all by itself. Prepping 8 months for a competition in 2020 COVID times, without gym access, even harder. I can tell you from my 2020 prep experience, I was NOT motivated every day.

But, I learned quickly that if I was going to get to that finish line, I didn't have time (or energy!) to worry about how motivated I felt. I just had to get it done.

When motivation fails me, I have to rely on my habits.

Over time, and with PRACTICE, you can learn to put emotions aside and tackle the matter at hand.

Whatever goal you have in mind, know there will be days where you don't feel like doing jack squat. That's ok, you're human. Some days you're gonna get after it, and other days, you just need to get through it. And that's ok, too. Not every day is a Rocky montage (although chances are I'm 1,000% listening to Rocky because I am that cheese ball).

"If you can stay consistent - not to be confused with perfect - and rely on habits you've formed, then you can make real change happen.

Remember, you have everything it takes. I believe in you.


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